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Now, the company " FORWARD - 5 " closely cooperates with three Polish factories: Ole, Provitus, Smak. These factories already for a long time are submitted by our company in the Russian market of fruit-and-vegetable preservation and have recommended itself as manufacturers of high-quality production.

Ole Partners

OLE! a joint-stock company, was established in 1992. The companys registered office is in Poznan, the modern production plant is, however, located in the town of Grodzisk Wielkopolski, 50 km away from Poznan. The plant, with the area of 4,000 square metres, meets all the work safety standards, which is attested by the HACCP and Der Grune Punkt certificates.
OLE! is now an acknowledged manufacturer of high quality, uniquely developed vegetable delicacies e.g. onions, garlic, mushrooms, asparagus, olives and many others. The OLE! brand is a leader in the business, viewed as a modern and innovative one, always ready to offer new products, including ones typical of foreign cuisines that have always been a source of fresh ideas and inspiration for the manufacturer. The OLE! produce are sold throughout Poland by a team of professional sales people, by means of all accessible distribution channels. We are present in virtually all international trade networks and major wholesales, both traditional and catering ones. Nearly 70% of the output is exported to many European countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, as well as Russia, the Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Latvia.
Following the consumers shifting preferences OLE! your favourite manufacturer of vegetable delicacies has constantly been changing and expanding its product range in an urge to build a strong and recognisable brand. Since October 2006, you have been able to see a transformed image of the OLE! brand. Our logo has changed, and so has our packaging: the jar, the twist top and the label graphics of all our products, together with the comprehensive information on how to use these. Our offer now includes some new products. We have launched two sorts of letcho (classical and traditional), three kinds of beans with mushrooms: Italian, Mexican and Oriental curry, and the smashing novelty on the market: the tartar sauce base in two flavours (classical and with capers).
The world of vegetable delicacies by OLE! is so tastefully alluring that you had better join in too!


PROVITUS Sp.J. is a polish company which activities and efforts are turned to the field of production and sale of preserved fruit and vegetables.
Since 1988 the company has succesfully exported canned fruit and vegetables to european and oversees markets.
Provitus trade mark products are well known and in great demand because of their high quality and companys correct business relationship with customers.
A golden medal was awarded to Provitus on Polagra Fair 1999. Provitus also parcitipates in program of Ministry of Agriculture: Polish Good Food.
Excellent taste, attractive price, long term business relation and best quality service are the key of our success.


Firm " Smak " is based in July, 1979 and is family firm from 100 % the capital of family Pysh.
First the existence the firm was engaged in manufacture of pickled champignons. After a while the firm has expanded the manufacture, having added in the assortment vegetable preservation.
On the assortment of firm totals day more than 100 names of production, such as:
Vegetable salads, and the tinned cucumbers, pickled champignons, jams with the low maintenance(contents) of sugar, the beet, pickled garlic, beet with a horse-radish, a horse-radish, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise.
The brought raw material passes full research in firm laboratory. Manufacture leans(bases) on a traditional compounding at use of modern technologies and modern technics(technical equipment).


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